2016-17 Schedule

The calendar of events for the 2016-17 season is finalized.  Please see below, and let’s play!

DENISON v CCC and The T – Sat. Oct. 1, 2016 – by Invitation only

UCLUB v CCC –open to only those players – October 29, 2016 at CCC

PENDENNIS v UCLUB – open to only those players ‐ TBD

COLLOPY CUP – Sat. December 3, 2016 – Dayton top players v. Cincinnati top players. $20 entrance fee – Cincinnati Hosting

CCC Open (Hahn Cup Selection Tournament) – Jan. 19‐22, 2017 – Adult Tournment – at the Cincinnati Country Club – get ready and geared up for Hahn Cup

HAHN CUP –February 3‐5, 2017 – Travel to Louisville to win the CUP
QUEEN CITY OPEN – Feb. 24‐26, 2017 – The T Squash Center – Adult and Junior Tournament

REVENGE OF THE BABY BOOMERS – March 2017 …. Dayton Squash Center

Also of note – Junior Events:

11/4/16 – Emanuel Center

12/9/16 – 12/11/16 – CCC Junior Tournament

1/6/171/8/17 – Junior Midwest Tournament ‐ St Louis

2/10/172/12/17 – Junior Silver at the T

3/10/17-3/12/17 – Nationals Squash – Philadelphia – play in the Age Group divisions and watch the Women’s and Men’sS.L. Green U.S. Championship matches


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